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9 January 2019

Juan Pablo Zaramella joins NERD.

by Syd Briscoe


NERD Productions have signed distinguished animator Juan Pablo Zaramella to their roster.

An animation director with heaps of experience under his belt, Zaramella's love for creating fantastical characters is complemented by his witty sense of humour. Specialising in pixilation and stop motion, his films share a distinctive aesthetic that brings out the whimsical aspects of the everyday.

Originally from Buenos Aries, Zaramella has gained a reputation for impeccable work in his native Argentina and beyond.

In addition to his films being met with consistent audience acclaim, he also has the unique distinction of having the most awarded short film in the world - Guinness World Record-certified, no less - on his reel.

Having received more than three hundred awards all over the world, 'Luminaris' offers an exploration of light and its role in the natural order of things. Filmed entirely in stop-motion, the film demonstrates Zaramella's whimsical streak and blends evocative visuals with modern storytelling nous.

With such a wealth of production experience and critical acclaim by the bucket load, NERD can't wait to see what Zaramella comes up with at his new home.

Check out the rest of Juan Pablo Zaramella's entertaining reel over here at NERD. For more information, get in touch with Milana Karaica at milana@nerd.productions or on 07792 464 333.

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