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6 April 2017

Homespun Yarns 2017.

by Jason Stone


Homespun Yarns' call for entries was announced at March's CraftWorks show and a few days later, we recorded a special podcast with Tim Hardy, Dan Collins and Thomas Ralph.

We learned about the original aim of the competition - now in its fourth year - as well as hearing from last year's winner about the positive impact it's had on his directing career.

Stitch's annual short film competition was set up when they created Homespun - a special division for content-based projects that was founded in 2014.

The competition it spawned has become a huge success and is providing brilliant opportunities for aspiring filmmakers as well as being one of the best industry events of the year.

In this in-depth examination of Homespun Yarns, we learn about the A level student who ran rings around Tim Hardy; the entrant whose carrot-based proposition made for a memorable meeting; and the difference that simply taking part in the competition can make to an aspiring director.

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