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1 December 2017

Five Favourite... Spoofs.

by Syd Briscoe


Times are tough at the moment, so we've compiled a list of five of our favourite spoof ads from 2017 to lighten the mood.

From parodying industry tropes to poking fun at pop culture, these ads don't take themselves too seriously.... and neither should we.

1. McDonald's - Love Affair

While McDonald's are far from the first to parody the oft-maligned celebrity perfume ad, director Guy Manwaring is spot on here. The result is a highly entertaining send-up which manages to spoof without snarking, and is all the funnier for it.

The lead actress gives it her best Keira Knightley as every note of the glossy luxe ad is hit: the unlikely wind billowing silky skirts and curtains alike; the sharp-suited, sharp-cheekboned suitor; the dramatically shot architecture.

2. Secret - Armpits

This excellent spoof from Terri Timely hits the nail on the head. Every deodorant ad banging on about beautiful armpits flashes before our eyes as we're introduced to pits in all their diversity - small, flat, and even concave.

The absolutely deadpan performance of the models is spot on, making the whole thing a bite-sized triumph.

3. KFC - Honesty

KFC join the trend for lampooning familiar ad tropes with this amusing South African outing.

The vignettes are spot on, replete with beautiful people, exotic locations, and a voiceover spouting buzzwords about 'connecting' with their product. However the brand is presented, they conclude, it all comes back to fried chicken that makes you feel #blessed.

4. Hyundai - N

Hyundai take a unique approach in this spoof, attempting to evoke how it feels to driving something fast and powerful rather than bombard us with statistics. And yes, this film does feature the obligatory car ad horse.

Director Tom Kuntz pitches things just right here, mischievously setting up luxury ad cliches before undercutting them.

5. Warburton's - Pride and Breadjudice

No list of great parodies would be complete without this gem for Warburton's, created by WCRS and directed by Declan Lowney.

It's a three minute tour de force from star Peter Kay in an ad that has an agreeably chaotic feel - creating the impression that every idea they had was crammed in somehow. The highlights are a spoof of a much-parodied scene from Ghost and Kay's indictment of Jonathan Warburton's acting skills: "is he hell?"

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