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13 October 2017

Five Favourite... Dogs.

by Syd Briscoe


It's often said that the British public love dogs more than people... so here are five of our favourite films featuring furry friends.

From an entire pack of bulldogs to a filthy reincarnation of the Dulux mascot, these pooches inspire audience affection and laughs in equal measure. Squeaky toys and treats at the ready - let's dive in.

1. ClearScore - Park

ClearScore's offbeat campaign starring Moose the Dog is strangely compelling, even though we feel like he's never going to get a grasp on his owner's finances.

This time we get two pooches for the price of one, as thy're joined down the park by Kev and his very French bulldog, Dean. Alas, the latter can't abide by his cumbersome new collar. Now there's a good lamp.

2. Subaru - Welcome to the Pack

This charming ad shows a bloke looking forward to spending some quality time with his girlfriend. There's just one furry complication: Butch the dog.

From the moment man and dog lock eyes, our money's on the canine. Butch uses his entire arsenal: growls, death stares, and even tactical toothbrush sabotage. Something tells us this pooch has thwarted many a suitor... although he softens up once the guy proves his good intentions.

3. Dulux - Easycare

The Dulux dog returns after the world's muddiest walk in this amusing commercial for the brand's 'Easycare' paint range.

Slow-motion is used masterfully here, a comedic counterpoint to the frenetic, Ramones-esque soundtrack. Director Ninian Doff gives us a good, long look at the polluted pooch's wildly swaying fur - letting the audience anticipate what's about to happen before cutting to the resulting carnage.

4. Bulldog - Bank Robbery

Bulldog's latest outing brings their eponymous mutt to life - and he aims to turn a would-be bank robber's life around.

Introducing himself as "a telepathic bulldog, yeah?", Andy's canine passenger knows what's really bothering him: the single life. Perma-grumpy expression aside, the bulldog provides likeable moral support... and a helpful reminder that stockings and sensitive skin don't go.

5. Kele Okereke - Streets Been Talkin'

We round off with a music promo which proves that bulldogs are, well, top dog at the moment. After a brief stint in the doghouse, Buddy enjoys life on the outside with his owner. Alas, trouble follows this pooch like a bad smell.

There's a lovely rapport between man and dog, as humdrum locations are offset by some surreal flourishes - not least Buddy's flight into fantasy. Talk about off the leash.

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