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30 April 2019

El Colony sign Chris Rudz.

by Syd Briscoe


El Colony have signed award-winning director and cinematographer Chris Rudz to their roster.

A former creative at W&K Amsterdam, Rudz started his career as a 3D animator - quickly building a bank of visual and practical skills which would come to serve him well once he made the leap into directing.

Heavily influenced by time spent living in Japan while at university, his visual storytelling sits apart from a strictly Western filmmaking style. With a carefully measured sensuality and sense of stillness, his film 'One' demonstrates these artistic qualities - not to mention that it won the Nikon Photo Contest in 2015.

Following a successful career as a creative and extensive experience working on feature films, Rudz's move into full-time directing is good news for the world of advertising.

His visual storytelling and sense of narrative is exemplary, even when being cryptic is the name of the game. His recent work for Japanese ski band Goldwin, for example, captures an invisible skier leaving tracks in a mountain's untouched snow. While fitting nicely with the brand's minimalist aesthetic, the film also marks Rudz out as one to watch for branded content at El Colony.

For more information about Chris Rudz, get in touch with El Colony via social media, or give the team a call at 0797 753 8737.

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