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4 April 2018

Three signings for Double Agent.

by Syd Briscoe


Double Agent have announced three new signings to their roster for commercial representation: Phillip Lopez, Alexandra Gavillet, and duo Helgi and Hordur.

Each new signing brings their own range of skills to the roster - Lopez specialises in unconventional chic, Gavillet in streetwise images, and Helgi and Hordur in quirky Scandinavian madness.

1. Phillip Lopez

Phillip Lopez considered becoming a doctor, before repeated battles with cancer led him to prioritise enriching his own life over prolonging other peoples. He places great value on creative control and consistency in a fast-paced digital world, in keeping with a 'content is king' mantra.

His short film 'Break Free' - starring model Ruby Rose - demonstrates this commitment to creating sincere content in a digital medium. Released on the cusp of the gender Zeitgeist, the film plays with Rose's fluid identity and shows off the director's unconventional approach to presenting beauty.

2. Alexandra Gavillet

Alexandra Gavillet credits caffeine and Kanye West with fuelling her creative process, and likes to keep her work tailored to client and environment rather than maintaining a single aesthetic.

With a background in the New York photography scene and an edgy documentary style, Gavillet has a street-smart sensibility and her films often use retro imagery. Her promo for Weslee's 'Boy Like You' explores the fuzzy nature of nostalgia and falling in love, and shows off Gavillet's cool visuals to great effect.

3. Helgi and Hordur

Icelandic duo Helgi and Hordur (whose names directly translate to 'Hard and Holy') have backgrounds in different areas of the industry, with Helgi having started out in editing and Hordur in stills photography.

With their skills combined, the pair have worked extensively across the music promo and commercial worlds of their native land, and are known for their dynamic visuals and willingness to experiment with the quirky and unusual. Their promo for Zebra Katz's 'You Tell Em' shows off their daring approach... immersing the viewer in a dizzying mix of lava fields, flamethrowers, and body paint.

For more information on Double Agent's growing roster, contact Kate Elson on 07970 943464 or Alexa Haywood on 07932 672568. You can also email the Double Agent team at projects@doubleagent.london.

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