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17 May 2019

Diego Nuñez Irigoyen signs for Knucklehead.

by Jason Stone


Argentine comedy director Diego Nuñez Irigoyen has expanded the directorial options at Knucklehead with the addition of his name to their already impressive roster.

An accomplished pianist and yoghurt-maker, the Buenos Aires native has spent his career picking up awards in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog and has no fewer than twenty statuettes from the Cannes Festival of Creativity huddled at home. That's a pride of Lions, if ever there was one.

There's a superb brand of humour we've come to associate with Argentina over the years, and as you can see from this skincare commercial, it's something Irigoyen can deliver in spades.

He has a good intuition for the dynamic between men and women in the dating arena and in this commercial from 2013 with inserts from the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Wacky Races, he demonstrates what can happen when men compete for the attention of a woman. The script is a bit 'old school' but you can't fault the delivery.

He was on familiar ground for an amusing 2017 ad for Andes Beer which purportedly took all of a town's 'hunks' out of the equation to create a fairer playing field for 'regular guys'. Like the previous film, you have to look past its questionable values to admire the comedy but Irigoyen's deft touch is clear for anyone to see.

For more on Diego Nuñez Irigoyen, check out his presence at Knucklehead's website and then give them a call to find out more.

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