DAVID reviews

30 November 2017

David Reviews at Focus.

by Jason Stone


On the 5th and 6th December, The Location Guide is taking over the Islington Business Design Centre for its Focus jamboree.

This is the third year of Focus and once again it will provide an opportunity to hugely extend your knowledge about location possibilities while popping into events such as the two sessions moderated by DAVID's editor, one of which is a special edition of CraftWorks

Not bloody CraftWorks again... what's the other event DAVID is involved with? On Tuesday morning there's a session called 'Let's Talk About Sex' which will be a Question Time-style discussion of how advertising is being affected by 'Free the Bid'; the revelations prompted by Harvey Weinstein's appalling conduct; how advertising needs to react to the ramifications of the #MeToo phenomenon; the industry's approach to flexible working hours; and anything else raised by the audience.

The panel - which will be moderated by David Reviews editor Jason Stone - is Caitlin Ryan; Karen Cunningham; Kate Tweed; Lyndy Stout; and Dorothy Allen Pickard.

You must have received loads of questions. Not so far. Please send yours to jason@davidreviews.com. Questions can be asked anonymously or - if you're attending the event - from the floor.

And what about the brunch? Anyone who attends 'Let's Talk About Sex' will receive a ticket to the complimentary brunch which follows at 11.00 where there will be an opportunity to ask panellists any questions you didn't want to ask in front of the whole class.

And what are you doing for CraftWorks? The headline event is a second round of Strictly Come Christmas. Lyndy Stout, Anna Carpen and Paul Burke will offer their verdict on a second batch of this season's TV commercials and if it's half as good as it was last time, it'll be a great deal of fun.

In addition Jeremy Barnes, Trent Simpson and - if he's available - Kevin Thomas will look back on a Mini campaign that took them around the world.

And young French director Julia Weber will show off the film that won the Ciclope Straight 8 competition and describe why and how she made it.

I only turn up for these events if there's a drink in it for me. You're in luck. There will be a free drinks reception for everyone who attends CraftWorks where you will be able to schmooze with the panellists in a relaxed environment... well, until the Business Design Centre staff begin passively-aggressively collecting glasses ten minutes before it's due to end.

Anything else? There are loads of other events... though, obviously, these two will be the best.

Does it cost a fortune to attend? No. it's free. Just REGISTER HERE and then head up on the day and join in.

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