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21 May 2019

CraftWorks at BAFTA 195 on June 10th.

by Jason Stone


We're doing another CraftWorks at BAFTA and it's going to be extremely good because we've got some great guests and it's a fantastic venue. All we need now is for a sell-out audience so if you wouldn't mind stepping up and buying some tickets, we'd be awfully grateful.

Last time, many of those who left it to the last minute were left disappointed because there were no tickets available. This is extremely likely to happen again so we urge you to jump on it.

Buy tickets here for just 25 plus VAT.

Anyone good this time? Fuck yeah! We've got David Kolbusz and Shelley Smoler of Droga5 talking all things Amazon. Tom Tagholm modestly declaiming as we celebrate some of his iconic work. Declan Lowney talking about the competing demands of directing for commercials, TV and films. And a piece of theatre called 'Lies, Damned Lies and Advertising' which will answer the vital question: can we trust people who make advertising? (Spoiler alert: we can't.)

Ooo, interesting. Who's doing that bit? Rosie Arnold, Sue Higgs, Mark Denton, Antoinette de Lisser and Jane Austin will all be taking part... though at least one of them has no idea what they've signed up to yet.

And CraftWorks now has sponsors? Yes... but sponsors isn't really an adequate word. The people who are backing CraftWorks are keen supporters of it because they love the event itself. That matters to us a great deal and we're really touched by their enthusiasm for it, and what we're trying to achieve.

Buy tickets here for just 25 plus VAT.


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