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27 November 2017

Cassidy Burcher heads to Mill+.

by Syd Briscoe


Mill+ have signed director Cassidy Burcher to their roster for global representation. Burcher began his film career in 2008, and has occupied a variety of positions within the industry over the years. With an eclectic collection of influences from Wallace and Gromit to Alexander McQueen, he's become known for his highly individual visual style.

Burcher has a passion for creative writing and illustration, both of which inform his work and help create his unique visual perspective.

One of Burcher's early projects was a behind the scenes documentary about the band Madness. Burcher filmed the band as they worked on slowing down their famous song 'Baggy Trousers' for Kronenbourg's 'Slow The Pace' campaign, and capturing a fascinating insight into the practical side of the creative process.

Continuing the laid back vibe of his behind the scenes work, Burcher's well-received narrative work for Sony features a guy going about his day with fewer distractions than usual thanks to the brand's noise-cancelling headphones.

The film establishes an unhurried feel from the start, and does a good job of making the advertised product look like an essential addition to a jet-setting modern life. Burcher's commitment to editing his own work shines through here, as what could have been a sterile montage is imbued with warmth.

Burcher's breakthrough commercial project as a director was the excellent 'Perfect Fit' ad for the Honda HR-V. The film combines an understated whimsy with some very practical garage feng shui.

The result is a delightful feat of organised engineering, with great production design and beautifully balanced shots which highlight the meticulous work which went into crafting the set. The film contributed to Burcher winning Gold for Best New Director at the British Arrows and was widely acclaimed within the industry.

For more information on Cassidy Burcher or anyone else on the Mill+ roster, get in touch with Stephen Venning at stephenv@themill.com or on 020 7287 4041.

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