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13 October 2017

Like ads in rain.

by Andrew MacGregor


Say what you will about Blade Runner 2049's ravaged ecosystem and irradiated landscapes - at least advertising is still booming.

Fans of Ridley Scott's 1982 original will be glad to know Coca-Cola, Pan Am, and Atari still dominate future Los Angeles in Denis Villeneuve's sequel.

While both Atari and Pan Am are no more, the brands live on in this neon-soaked metropolis. Meanwhile, the soft drink likely advise both humans and replicants alike to, er, taste the feeling.

Peugeot: from four wheels to no wheels.  

One shouldn't be too surprised. When asked about the brand's cameo, Ridley Scott observed: "Even in a futuristic dystopian world, Coca-Cola is everlasting." We're sure they'll take that as a compliment.

Mass(ive) marketing.  

We also imagine advertisers will be intrigued by one Blade Runner 2049 innovation: giant interactive holograms. Call it a natural progression of personalised ads.

Some will relish the possibilities. Will Trivago's ubiquitous spokesperson soon tower over unsuspecting pedestrians, for example? Only time will tell.

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