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28 February 2017

Bo Mirosseni joins Burning Reel.

by Andrew MacGregor


Burning Reel ensure the UK receives some California sunshine courtesy of new signing Bo Mirosseni.

Mirosseni first got to grips with a camera while filming his friends skateboarding in Long Beach. For a budding filmmaker, it always pays to have mates who enjoy extreme sports. Time well-spent as an MTV intern then taught him what it takes to create memorable work.

So what does Mirosseni think is crucial to getting an idea off the ground? Aim high: "I would say the biggest thing is to make sure you have a really great idea. Not a good idea, but great."

Such ambition led him to sharpen his writing and directing skills before making his TVC breakthrough with this droll Virgin Mobile ad.

We should've known text messaging would conquer all. That opened doors for him, then? Yes, he's since become a popular name in electronic music circles, ensuring up-and-coming acts make a strong impression.

For instance, Mirosseni shot ‘When A Fire Starts to Burn' for Disclosure. What begins as an everyday sermon soon escalates into an out-of-body-experience.

Testify! We imagine the electronic duo received a few more converts after this full-throttle revival meeting. Mirosseni ensured every cast member prayed hard, that's for sure.

And he's got a nifty short film under his belt? You're thinking of ‘Maniac'. Mirosseni wrote and directed this tale of a man going stir crazy in Spain's quietest hotel. Ethnic misunderstandings, hypoallergenic pillows, obscene acts… this is one holiday video worth sitting through.

All the man wants is some bar snacks. Don't we all? Even if you've never been driven to, erm, express yourself like this gentleman, you'll appreciate the film's depiction of loneliness in paradise. For Burning Reel, it's an extended showcase of Mirosseni's talents.

There's more of Bo Mirosseni's work available here. For more on Burning Reel's new man, ring 020 7323 0403.

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