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14 September 2017

Attilio the Hungry.

by Jason Stone


Attilio Gianfrancesco has bolstered the marketing team at film production company MindsEye and he's determined to give a further boost to their impressive momentum.

He and co-founder Hughie Phillips are old friends and had talked in the past about joining forces. When DAVID caught up with them a few days ago, their high regard for one another and a shared vision about the future of the company shone through.

So what is about Attilio that impressed Hughie Phillips: "I've always been a fan of how Attilio carries himself, what he does, the energy he brings to everything.

"There are a lot of people who are big fans of Attilio, so it was a bit of a no-brainer, from my perspective, and obviously I personally like him a lot as well. You know, I think he's an incredibly good guy.

And also... he's very driven. He's very ambitious. He's extremely hardworking. We've only been together for a week, and you can just tell."

I personally like him a lot as well. You know, I think he's an incredibly good guy.

Hughie Phillips   


Attilio understandably blushes at this fulsome description of his character and after agreeing he should perhaps have asked for more money, he returns the compliment: "I've followed [Hughie's] progress in the industry since the beginning. People have always told me good stuff about the way the guys work.

"Hughie is a fantastic guy and I absolutely love his energy and what he wants to do for the company. [But] it's also about the talent that MindsEye has. On top of that, we share the same energy, and we just want to be very successful at what we do."

It transpires that Attilio arrived in the UK twelve years ago as part of the Erasmus programme - this is an EU-funded student exchange programme. And - although neither of them were aware of the coincidence - Hughie Phillips was also a beneficiary of this programme.

The next five minutes of the 'interview' was taken up with reminiscences between the two of them as they realised their friendship had yet another plank until DAVID brought it all to an end with a passive-aggressive coughing fit.

In a way, people that I knew helped me out in meeting other people and expand my circle of contacts.

Attilio Gianfrancesco   


After University, Attilio was determined to stay in London and while scouring the newspapers for a job he spotted an ad that was - in one respect - right up his street.

'Shots' were looking for an Italian speaker to join their editorial staff.

He admits that he didn't know anything about advertising but this wasn't as much of a disadvantage as he imagined it would be... or indeed as it ought to have been!

It proved a fantastic way to learn about the business and after five years there, he was incredibly well informed and equally well connected.

After a brief stint working at one of DAVID's putative rivals... about which, the less said the better, Attilio began working at Hotspur & Argyle and had to adjust to the very different relationship you have with the industry when people no have a reason to court you.

That said, Attilio enjoyed the challenge and found that many of his industry relationships survived his transition from journalist to rep: "If anything, I got to meet even more people. In a way, people that I knew helped me out in meeting others and expand my circle of contacts."

A fruitful stint at Great Guns followed: "Laura [Gregory] was one of the people that I didn't really know personally. And then we met over a coffee and it was love at first sight.

"Honestly it happened so quickly. We met in the morning, and then by the afternoon she had offered me a job. Just like that. Laura is very much like that. She is very determined."

According to Hughie Phillips, Attilio's move to MindsEye came at exactly the right moment in the company's development: "We've got to a point where we are well respected within the industry, but we're still a young company. And we're still at the beginning of our journey. We've got a lot further to go.

"In the short term, it's about just getting our existing roster as busy as possible. And in the short to medium term, we're going to be expanding our roster, and in the longer term, we're looking to expand into foreign markets, specifically the US."

And there's little doubt that Attilio Gianfrancesco has the charm and the experience to help navigate MindsEye on this voyage.

To experience Attilio's charm for yourself, contact him on 020 7636 4100 or email him using attilio@mindseye.london.

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